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Patient info

Hungary offers a range of excellent healthcare which visitors can take advantage of at a much lower price than in the UK, and it is only a short plane ride away - from London to Budapest journey time is two and a half hours.

Hungary has for a long time been a popular destination for the Germans and Austrians, once they cottoned on to the fact that it was much cheaper to have their surgery in Hungary than at home.  Consequently over the past fifteen years or so the market has expanded and an increasing number of surgeons have emerged giving greater access to top class, affordable cosmetic and plastic surgery, general surgery, dental surgery and other treatments.

Cosmetic surgery is carried out in Budapest clinics with modern up-to-date facilities and run by internationally trained, English speaking doctors and surgeons, so with a high level of professionalism and a premium service you can effortlessly combine the cost of your treatment with a holiday in the beautiful city of Budapest.