Ophthalmic corrections – Lasik, IntraLasik

For many of us it is quite normal to see the pictures on TV in focus or to see the time on the alarm clock without any problems – and all of that without any glasses. However, people with a visual defect need their glasses or contact lenses before they can start the day. This is a nuisance as it can restrict the quality of life considerably.

Procedures correcting errors in refraction:
- IntraLASIK procedure – FemtoLASIK procedure (brand new treatment, there are just a few clinics in europe which has a femtosecond-laser)
- Lasik procedure (classic procedure)

The BodyConture ophthalmic clinic is equipped with an IntraLase® 60 kHz the latest and actually only femtosecond-laser in whole hungary.

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Laser operation is an investment for life, which return has even two advantages. On financial side before the operation the quality and the frequency of swapping spectacles and contact lenses returns 2-7 years. The joy of vision is right after the operation can not be estimate in money.