Patient Info
Our many satisfied patients over many years prove it. Don't put your beauty in the hands of anyone but the best. Your plastic surgery in Hungary, the techniques used and, most importantly, the results obtained will guarantee you the best possible outcome and service of the very highest standards.

In order to be pleased with the outcome of your cosmetic surgery, please follow these instructions:

All tests can be done in our clinic! We highly recommend having these medical tests done in your own country before travelling to your cosmetic surgery abroad. Due to any complications in your medical results at home your medical practitioner can proceed to give you medication for you to be in perfect condition before we proceed any surgery.

-  Please bring all your previous medical records with you
-  Your examination results should not be more than 3 weeks old
-  Please make sure you do NOT eat and drink 12 hours before lab and operation
-  Please make sure you are well and healthy enough to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad
-  Please avoid taking aspirin, alcohol or sleeping pills 10 days before the operation
-  Please bring 1 or 2 cooling gel compresses or bags from the pharmacy to reduce swelling and bruising
-  Please make sure your menstrual period is not on the day of your surgery – otherwise surgery is postponed.