Patient Info

Guarantee of quality

The plastic surgeon of BudapestMED can look back on a long term experience with best resultants. However, but there is no hundred percent prognostication in the medical science. Every human is different and react in a different way. That´s why the healing process is also individual. In case you are not satisfied with the result of your treatment and it´s possible to optimize the result, our surgeon will do it free of charge. Because the contentedness our patient has top priority.

Important Warning

Some me-too plastic surgery companies offer long-haul surgery in tropical climes with tempting beaches. If you go to these destinations, you're often on your own many thousands of miles from home where you don't speak the language, where you may risk embolism and bleeding on your long-haul flight home and where you can't even enjoy the beaches because, in particular with facial work, there is a real danger of serious and disfiguring pigmentation damage from the strong sun. Budapest is near to the UK and now it's inside the EU too. It's a mere hop away and the climate is kind to recovering skin.
Above all other considerations, our aim is to provide the highest possible standards in terms of surgical results for a beautiful new you and the best aftercare while any bruising disappears before you rejoin your regular world. To achieve this we have done the research for you. We have identified the best qualified, most outstanding surgeons operating in the most modern and clean clinics in the home of plastic surgery, in Hungary - with the best guarantee of a beautiful new you.