Breast enhancement
The implant causes no contraindication or difficulties of a later pregnancy and breast-feeding. During the past 40 years breast lift by prosthetic implants has become widely accepted by the medical profession and demanded by the public more and more. Continuous research has led to the development of better and safer implants than ever before and surgical techniques have been standardized. We are only using ISO-certificated implants with the CE-number (Conformiteé Européene - EU-Quality stamp) and control number for a maximum safety. After the operation you are getting an implant-licence with all details of your implant.
Before your surgery
If you are considering having children in the very near future, it is better to wait and have surgery after completing your family as the fluctuation in breast size during pregnancy will alter the outcome. Breast enhancement can be performed with a general anaesthesia, so you'll sleep through the entire operation. One day before the operation all necessary examinations will be performed in the clinic. You will also discuss the anaesthesia with your anaesthesiologist. You will need to stay overnight in the clinic and leave 1day after the operation.