Fewer Retreatments: The number of LASIK retreatments (or enhancements) is significantly lower for laser-created corneal flaps, avoiding the patient inconvenience of subsequent surgeries and the increased surgeon costs entailed with re operations.
In a few cases, regression can occur, but this can usually be corrected. 

Treatment costs in UK, Germany or Swiss

Pre-examination 85,- to 120,-€ / both eyes  - Pound 60,- to 80,- / both eye
Lasik (traditional procedure) 2.400,-€ / eye  - Pound 1.610,- / eye
Wavefront guided IntraLasik ) 2.750,-€ / eye  - Pound 1.845,- / eye
IntraLasik without wavefront 2.500,-€ / eye  - Pound 1.678,- / eye
Wavefront guided PRK / LASEK 1.500,-€ / eye  - Pound 1.007,- / eye

Important information

- If you wear contact lenses, you should stop wearing them -    soft lenses at least one week   prior to surgery and semi-
  rigid lenses at least two weeks prior to surgery. Contact
  lenses squeeze the cornea slightly and change their curvature.
  It takes a while for the original form to return. If this period of time is not taken, surgery
  may not be as successful as desired.
- In the event that you are ill on the day of your surgery, e.g. with a cold, influenza or eye
  infection, the surgery must be rescheduled.
- Ladies are requested not to put make-up on their eyes or face on the day of the
  examination and on the day of surgery.
- Please bring sunglasses for your examination, surgery and post-surgery check-up
- calming tablets will be offered before surgery
- on the day of surgery you will be cared for by our professional team
- you will be given post-operative instructions and medication – please follow exactly the instruction