Ophthalmology clinic

Since 1990 our Bodyconture partner clinic has been doing many refractive surgeries. During those past years the surgeons gave back the joy of seeing without glasses to thousands of people. The people who have visited our partner clinic left more than 10.000 dioptre. Since the establishment of the cooperation we have been eyewitness to many gratifying events which we feel have made a real contribution to the well being of our clients. In addition to introducing corrective eye microsurgery procedures in Hungary, our partner clinic placed great emphasis on making the latest methods available to the local community in the shortest possible time. Besides operations for strabism and cataract, we introduced the excimer laser procedure and the negative lens implantation in 1996 and the LASIK procedure in 1998.

Modern research and development

BodyConture cooperates with a renowned institute in Hungary, specializing in all types of visual defects as well as in the treatment of these by means of state-of-the-art laser technology. Using this technology, visual defects can be treated extremely well, restoring quality of life to patients.

The BodyConture team would be pleased to make you a detailed and made-to-measure offer for your health trip to Hungary. The prices for treatment quoted here include the fee for the first examination and the anaesthesia. We can send you a binding and detailed offer on request.

Pre-examination: 50,-€ /both eyes -  Pound 35,- /both eye
Lasik (traditional procedure) 900,-€ / eye  - Pound 605,- / eye (we are not using this procedure any more!)
Wavefront guided IntraLasik 1.250,-€ / eye  -  Pound 840,- / eye
IntraLasik without wavefront 1.150,-€ / eye  - Pound 773,- / eye
Wavefront guided PRK / LASEK 750,-€ / eye  - Pound 505,- / eye
Blepharoplastic upper eyelids 1.000,-€  - Pound 672,-
Blepharoplastic lower eyelids 1.100 bis 1.400,-€  - Pound 739 to 939,-

In the first 6 months after the operation the controlls are free!

For Re-surgery you pay 50% of the treatment cost!
Re-Surgery - What does it mean?