How is the institute equipped technically?
Our institute take part in searching and developing works. During our 12 year existence we spent a lot on developing and introducing the most up-to date technology.
What kind of principle has these laser treatments?
The laser interventions have an effect on the cornea curve to ensure the effective correction of the eye refractive ness.
Are the ophthalmologists professionally well educated in Focus Medical?
The doctors of our institute are the lecturers of much medical international congress. Their work has a high professional and moral quality.
Where is Femto-LASIK being offered?
The femto second laser is currently being introduced in Europe. In the US, this new technology has been used already in over 500,000 procedures.  We are the only eye clinic offering IntraLase in Hungary .
What is a Femtosecond Laser?
A femtosecond laser is an infrared laser that can treat tissue very precisely with significantly less heat created than other laser treatments – a big advantage in eye laser surgery. Femtosecond lasers work with ultra-short impulses of light (10-15 seconds) that last only a quadrillionth of a second to create a spot as tiny as 1/100mm. To illustrate the extremely short pulse time: Light travels 7.5 times around the earth in one second, however, only one half of the thickness of a hair in a femtosecond!
Are the laser treatments painless?
The treatments are - because of the anaesthetical drops - of course painless. One or two days after the operation unpleasant feelings can occur but for example after the IntraLASIK treatment the patient can feel no pain. Calming tablet will be given to you on your arrival at the Centre.
How wide-spread laser treatments?
With the help of excimer laser millions of successful operations has been done all over the world.
Is there only one treatment that is used in this institute?
In our institute several treatments are used. After the complete painless examination the right way of correction can be diagnosed.