Most frequently asked questions:

How can the money return that I spent on the operation?
Laser operation is an investment for life, which return has even two advantages. On financial side before the operation the quality and the frequency of swapping spectacles and contact lenses returns 2-7 years. The joy of vision is right after the operation can not be estimate in money.
Are the effects of surgery permanent?
Once a cornea has been modified by surgery, it tends to stay modified permanently. In a few cases, regression can occur, but this can usually be corrected. However, age-related visual deterioration (presbyopia) will continue in all people from their forties.
What vision can you expect?
Following laser surgery, the vision is very clear, but not necessarily perfect. We aim to give you perfect vision.
The object of laser surgery is to dramatically reduce your dependence on spectacles.
Following laser surgery, 98% of patients can legally drive a car without glasses.
How long does the surgery approximately take?
You will be at the Centre for approximately two hours. 
Are there any risks?
All surgery carries an element of risk and laser surgery is no different.
Although the total risk factor is only in the order of 1%, it is imperative that all risks are fully discussed and fully understood by anyone contemplating laser surgery. LASIK performed for severe Myopia and Astigmatism is associated with a higher risk in the order of 2%.
Are these laser treatments safe?
The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration which means the National Health Service) is considered to be the strictest health authority, has qualified the laser treatment safe. That’s why these laser treatments are popular in Hungary as well. LASIK is very safe with more than 10 million procedures performed over nearly two decades. The risk of complications is very low and now if they occur is usually minor.