Step One is important to faster healing, greater comfort and better vision.
This gives you the greater assurance you need that Step One of LASIK eye surgery will be accurate, safe and a first step towards giving you the best LASIK result possible. No one has ever gone blind or needed a corneal transplant with IntraLase.

Operative range:
Nearsightedness:  -10 D
longsightedness:    +3 D
astigmatism:           +4 D

Advantages of IntraLasik (IntraLase, FemtoLasik, Laser-Lasik)

- Ability to Avoid Cut-related Side Effects

Corneal flaps that were traditionally made with the microkeratome are thinner in the centre. In rare cases, the flap is so thin that it is not possible to complete the laser treatment immediately and one must wait to complete the treatment at a later date.  In comparison, parallel flaps are prepared with the femtosecond-laser such that the centre is exactly the same thickness as the periphery. Therefore, there are no side effects when preparing the flap with the femtosecond laser.

Traditional LASIK: Corneal flap with the microkeratome has a thin center

IntraLasik: Flap is parallel such that central thickness is exactly the same as peripheral